"Video projections have seldom been used so adroitly or with such profligate imagination."

The New York Times

Alchemy of Live and Virtual

In a series of works created from 2001 to the present, Bridgman and Packer have explored the intersection of the live and the virtual. Their current works, Table Bed MirrorRemembering What Never Happened, TRUCK, and Voyeur probe the themes of identity and perception while posing the question: "what is real and what is image?"

"Video Partnering"

Bridgman and Packer expand the possibilities of dance by multiplying, transposing and manipulating their own life-size video images and integrating these with their live performance. Bridgman lifts Packer as her video image emerges from within her and rises. The performers’ bodies become screens; live-camera projections switch and merge their identities; Packer’s hips and legs appear on Bridgman’s lower body and vice versa, suggesting an interchangeability of personality and gender.

“Technological Cubism”

By mixing live performance with video technology, Bridgman and Packer overlay simultaneous perspectives, creating what they term Technological Cubism. In a contemporary extension of the approach of cubist painters, Bridgman|Packer at times project the backs of the performers on to their fronts, blending divergent angles while examining the existence of concurrent interpretations.